BrightIndex Collections Overview

BrightIndex Collections was formed to provide the highest level of service and strives for nothing short of excellence in the debt recovery industry. We have come to understand the hostile environment of debt collections which is time consuming. We operate with transparency and integrity with all our clients, ensuring they understand all our processes and procedures as guided by provisions of the National Debt Collection Act 114 of 1998.

BrightIndex Collections is a client-orientated business, which enables us to comply with specific needs of our different clients using the latest technology of electronic day book-based consultant scheduling, this enables us to keep record of all transactions and arrangements made between our consultant and the debtor.

Our success is in the continuous follow up procedure which causes immense pressure and responsibility upon the debtor to acknowledge liability and ultimately to settle the debt, with persistence being our trademark. We use various data mining techniques and our continuously updated data enables us to be successful in tracing individuals throughout South Africa to ensure the best prospects of recovery.